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Out Of Site, Out Of Mind

How many times have you frantically scrambled to get the house clean because you know someone is coming over? Threw it all in a box or a closet so it’s not seen perhaps? I remember growing up, we always seemed to have a closet dedicated to this. That was pretty much where things went missing and never to be seen again. I always liked to have thought I could never get to that point. I was organised…….or wished I was more organised. Then I had 2 more kids. That dream went out the window, for me at least.

I envy those women who have all those DIY tips on de-cluttering. If there were just more hours in a day to get it all done.

I woke up this morning, forgetting what I was looking (that’s where my ADD set it, “ooh! Shiny object!) and realised, this wouldn’t be so dang hard if I just sorted it all and re-homed what I don’t even look at.

So much like all of my great intention, this is my newly declared weekend project. One room at a time.