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September Phone Challange

I will be the first here to admit, I’m bad about being able to put my smartphone down and not want to check my email, or play a game while waiting. It’s become an addiction that so many are victim to. Our kids can’t live a day without their phones and we act the same way. How did we ever survive before the cell phone?

I want to challenge myself and my family to putting away the phone wen we are home for an entire month.

I’m realistic in this, knowing that work depends on the access, I think setting a time for when home so that it’s reasonable.

Rules for challenge:

1. Phones down 45 minutes after coming home. Breaking this rule mean giving up phone for a whole weekend.

2. Weekends only allow for 2 hours of use, this can be broken up or used all at once. When not in use, phones have to be kept in one place to keep everyone from sneaking a use.

3. Start a DIY project, we have a ton we always wanted to do, so this is a great way to get started.

4. Go back to the use of pen and paper for my lists and writings.

Rules are a work in progress. If you want to join my challenge, I would love to hear how it goes. Any ideas for rules are fully welcome.