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Back to the Gym

Last year I was doing SO good about getting up every morning and hitting the gym before the kids got up for school. That meant I was up by 4:30am so I could get a good 2 hours in. I was feeling great and loving the “me time” I got at the gym.

AND THEN THE SHIN SPLINTS. It started off as a little pain, so I tried to run it off. BAD IDEA. It got worse and I was cut off from running, my favorite part of my regular workouts.


It took about a week, and my already problematic neck/shoulder muscle deemed me done. I had to get my cortisone shot, which meant no lifting for 2 weeks.

I was out a month, tried to get back into it, but lost my routine and in a sense, my gym mojo. I want it back!

September I vowed to put down the electronics to better my family and our relationships. I’m going to also start up my new routine at the gym.

There are a couple of apps they I use to track my progress, to keep me in check so to speak. I will be checking out the new ones to see if they’re better or if the old standby is still good enough for me. I will share what I find.

In this, I will share my menu options for anyone who cares to join in. If there are any questions on that, please ask.

My routine will most likely be based on a 5-6 days a week of gym time. If you want help adjusting to a shorter week, let me know. I will probably start off with Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first couple of weeks and then add Tuesday, Wednesday and rotate my saturday and Sundays.

I will also me choosing a different challenge for each month. Each new month will be a new challenge, and the old one will be maintained and incorporated in the workout routine.

I will also post my stats to show progress.
Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t let the fact that the pounds aren’t shedding if you are building muscle. Your body measurements will tell a better tale if that and the body fat% is used instead of a scale alone.

I hope that in sharing my personal journey to getting back into the gym, I can help someone else get motivated towards getting healthier and motivated.