Fighting siblings

I will be the first to declare that I am furthest from being a perfect parent. I have 3 kids who I like to describe as very set strong in their ways.
My oldest daughter (13) is the quiet one, my middle girl (6) is the drama queen bee and then there’s my boy (3), well he’s ALL boy.
It’s a daily struggle getting the two younger ones to not scream and fight. It’s a daily occurrence, and some days I contemplate on wether or not it’s allowed to drop them off at the fires station for rehoming. Of course I’d never actually do it, but it’s when the days ends with those thoughts, I begin to wonder why I don’t drink by choice.
I’ve read blog after blog about how to settle the fighting or how to positively discipline my children. They’d make sense if my kids were the type who fit their molds of the “perfect Christian family”. I will be the first to admit, I become very religious when I decide God needs to step in and save my sanity. Otherwise, I’m far from that role.
For us, I find it most effective to let them settle the score themselves. Tattling is not an option, because I’ve declared my lack of interest in their problems. Maybe it’s poor parenting, and throwing in the towel is not the best route to go, but it works better than beating them senselessly or trying to have positive small talk to encourage good behavior. I’d LOVE to meet a 3 year old that truly works on.

What works for you?


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